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Verdagte in Heyns-saak hoor oor borgtog

Uitspraak word verwag in die borgtogaansoek van een van die mans wat van die misdade teen dr. Louis Heyns aangekla word. Lees Verder

Via: Suid Afrika


One Response to Verdagte in Heyns-saak hoor oor borgtog

  1. Anonymous

    Oktober 21, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    I lived in a condo in Strand behind Twin Palms for 2 days with a killer and then I ran away when I discovered 100’s of chopped pieces of body-parts in plastic Checkers and Shoprite bags beside a massive old German stove which was covered in blood.
    I thought I was losing my mind, so did my family. When I went back to the condo with the police to pick up my stuff, it was gone, all gone, including them, as if they never existed, ….holy shit, I even let him into my house for at least 2 months. Until he stole my Mom’s clothes. These are Philip Osborne’s connections, I met them with him, he introduced us.. The one on the left. Sarel…What the fuck???
    This mystery traveled through my mind for almost 9 years!! Finally some peace came to me…and I lived to tell the story…
    How Shane Richards and Sarel van der Walt disappeared into thin air, after 9 years of searching for at least one of them. He probably killed Shane as well, because as far as I can remember, I saw pieces of Shane’s Identity card lying on the floor covered with blood. I never saw him again though.

    Sarel has connections with drug dealers in the Strand. Sarel asked me to be a driver for a job in Cape Town one day. They mentioned that it included the house of a Chinese mafia boss. I was to drive the car and go into the house with them, I never did though, I never drove the car, something felt wrong and I didn’t want to get into trouble. They said that they were going to steal Cocaine, Diamonds and R500 000 in cash that day. That is the same day that I discovered the Body parts in the condo which I paid 2 months rent in advance to share with them, with Sarel van der Walt and Shane Richards that is. I desperately needed a place to stay as my family had moved out of town. I made a choice to stay in the Strand. I suggest you start searching for this Shane guy, u might stumble upon another missing person.
    This was 9 years ago, I thought they were dead or had disappeared. They stole all my stuff and I ended up sleeping on the street for 2 weeks. I was 20 years old.I have been looking for this guy for quite some time now.
    If you want to know more, I know much more about these guys and their connections, they are all part of one big scary mafia in the Helderberg basin