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Tuine van die goue stad – Gardens of the Golden City


’n suksesvolle projek wat jaarliks aangebied word om geld in te samel vir liefdadigheid.
Dit bring ook tuiniers bymekaar en wys mense hoe mooi tuine kan lyk.

On behalf of Gardens of the Golden City – call for new gardens
Times change and with it, we have lost many of our original gardens to relocation and development so now we find ourselves asking for your help. Behind our huge walls and fortified fences, we know that there are gardening gems waiting to be discovered.
Do you have one of these treasures?
As gardeners, we toil in our gardens and what better reward could we have than to be able to display our achievements by sharing with our very appreciative gardening visitors.
Please, all you avid gardeners out there consider this an invitation to contact us at and we will gladly visit you!…