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Slim bemarking deur Woolworths


Woolworths have just launched their CarbClever range of convenience foods for cab conscious eaters.

We knew it was only a matter of time before certain supermarket chains had dedicated LCHF or Bantingsections to accommodate the army of people joining Tim Noakes on his crusade against carbs.

The price of cauliflower has gone up with cauli-mash almost reaching cult status and the companies that make almond and coconut flour must be laughing all the way to the bank. Food24 has a dedicated LCHF section and now there is even a Banting app!

Woolworths have been clever and taken it the step further – to convenience. The Banting lifestyle is by no means easy with a lot of preparation going into meals and even snacks and many followers of the dietmaking mistakes along the way.

According to the press release:

‘The new CARBCLEVER range is packed with fresh and flavoursome ingredients, but excludes pasta, potatoes and rice.

The dishes also have no wheat, grains, legumes or pulses.  They are instead packed with seasonal vegetables, delicious creamy sauces (like coconut-cream curries & cheese sauce) and spicy accompaniments for full-on flavour.

The full CARBCLEVER range spans nine meals, a soup and three vegetable dishes, which will be introduced countrywide from mid-October.

Expected favourites are grilled chicken with veg and cheese sauce and Thai red chicken curry with a rich coconut sauce, roasted cauliflower and mint chutney, plus Shepherd’s or cottage pie topped with cauliflower mash.

Other flavour-packed meals are smoked pork with creamed cabbage and spinach in a sage cream sauce, and beef meatballs with cauliflower mash, roasted vegetables and tomato sauce. And creamy Chicken Korma & Chicken tikka are available in convenient, microwaveable pots’.

The prices for these meals, as you can imagine, are not cheap – but then again show us a popular convenience product that is.

What are your thoughts?

The prices for the meals are as follows:

CARBCLEVER Grilled Chicken
With gem squash mash, cauliflower and broccoli with creamy cheese sauce    340g    R 59.95

CARBCLEVER Indian Chicken
with rich coconut sauce, roasted cauli and mint chutney    340g    R 59.95

CARBCLEVER Thai Red Chicken Curry     340g    R 58.95