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Plettenbergbaai se belowende wynbedryf

‘n Belowende wynbedryf is besig om op Plettenbergbaai in die Suid-Kaap te ontwikkel.

Die dorp wat bekend is vir sy strande en besige somerseisoen, geniet nou ekonomiese groei dwarsdeur die jaar weens sy wyne.

Sowat 16 wynplase en landgoedere het oor die afgelope 14 jaar in die gebied ontwikkel.

‘n Wynmeester, Anton Smal, sê plaaslike wyne het verskeie internasionale toekennings in die afgelope drie jaar verower.

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Sparkling gems along the Plett winelands

The Plett Winelands produce a variety of cultivars, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and the expanding MCC varieties are growing fast and flavoursome.

Peter Thorpe, a pioneering wine maker, discovered a piece of land with characteristic gentle slopes and cool sea breezes in The Crags area 14 years ago.  Soon afterwards he planted the first vines, believing the temperate climate and the soil conditions were excellent for vine growth.  The first vines, were planted in 2000 and over the years Plett has seen a growth of 16 new wine vineyards in the region with 200 000 bottles produced annually.  The Souvignon blanc is comparable to those that are produced on the Mallborough estates in New Zealand,

With a gentle ocean breeze sweeping through the vines, glorious Pless weather and a wine region that can be experienced in a variety of ways, the Plett Winelands will become a must  do for every discerning holiday maker.

There are as many as 16 wine estates in the Plett region and many provide wine tasting, some by appointment.

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