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Macufe Bloemfontein


Macufe has kicked off and people are excited to attend all the festivities, even though the budget for this big event has not been finalised.

Thankiso Zola, spokesperson for the Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, said they were waiting for more sponsors to come on board. That was why the budget had not been finalised.

Some are looking forward to having a taste of the fun that will be showcased during the Macufe programme, but there are those who cannot wait for it to come to an end.

The downside of the festival is that it comes with a lot of noise from all the different festivities.

The traffic will be a nightmare as visitors from around the country make their way through the streets of Bloemfontein. Shopping centres and restaurants will be a no go area, because the queues outside restaurants will probably be long.

Dr René Haarhoff, programme head for tourism management at the Central University of Technology (CUT), Free State, says Macufe contributes to the local economy. She says all the guesthouses and hotels are fully booked, even months before the big event.

Restaurants and other shops in Bloemfontein also benefit from the visitors.

Due to the high volume of traffic for the duration of Macufe some of the roads will be closed.

Macufe is popular with bikers from all over the country. They will be here to show off in style.

A press release from the Mangaung Metro Municipality states that the following roads to the Rose Gardens will be closed on Saturday from 03:00:

•  Kingsway between the Zola Budd and Loch Logan Waterfront entrance;

•  Kingsway and Parfitt Avenue;

•  Zola Budd and Att Horak Street;

•  Henry Street between the Eskom offices and Second Avenue; and

•  parking at the waterfront.

The mall will still be accessible via Henry Street and Kingsway.

Att Horak Street between First Avenue and Betogers Street will be closed on Sunday from 06:00 until after the soccer match.

The following alternative roads can be used: Park Road, Zastron Street and Parfitt Avenue.

Capt. Chaka Marope of the Park Road Police Station said the Mangaung Metro Traffic Department wants to maintain law and order during Macufe and they will focus on amongst others drinking in public, incidents of public indecency, theft from vehicles and street robberies.

“We want to state that the party-goers who will directly or indirectly affect the peaceful co-existence of others, be it on municipal roads and pavements, will face the full might of the law,” said Brigadier Ramokotjo, station commander of the Park Road Police Station.