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CDP reageer op nog ‘n plaasaanval

Die Christen-Demokratiese Party (CDP) het gereageer op nog ‘n plaasaanval – die keer in Noordwes – waartydens ‘n bejaarde boer, Johan Stighlingh vermoor en sy vrou, Cora, erg aangerand is.

“Ons harte gaan uit na die naasbestaandes van die jongste slagoffers,” sê ds. Theunis Botha, leier van die CDP.

“Ons sou ook graag van die minister van polisie wil weet of hy steeds meen die veldtog om plaasaanvalle tot prioriteitsmisdade te verklaar net ‘n publisiteitsfoefie is.

“Nathi Mthethwa het juis nou die dag die polisie-sleepvoorvalle as ‘n ‘verleentheid’ beskryf – iets wat doodgewoon ‘n skande en tragedie is.

“As wat sou hy plaasmoorde beskryf? Ook as ‘n verleentheid?”

One Response to CDP reageer op nog ‘n plaasaanval

  1. Louis Kotze

    Julie 16, 2014 at 2:41 am

    These farm-attacks will not stop,unless a couple off these cowards die at the hand of white farmers,with the back-up of the government.And that farmers should not even be charged with a crime.This black mob-cowards know that they are “free” to do do what they want,because that was what was promised to them,the braindead stupid baboons.The big “hero” mandela and his communist gang infiltrated SA via Apartheid,using it as a cover to get communism into this beautiful,economically-stable,thriving country,and they are busy to turn it into just another african shithole.This farm-attacks are part of the “bigger plan” to scare white farmers of the land,so the government can buy it for cheap,to give to their comrades,to squad,because no black person can farm commercially.The sooner the racist government realise this,and help the white farmers to do their “job”,it will be economically the best thing they have done in 20-odd years!! No white farmer just grow corn or maize for his family of vife /six people,but for the country in total,for everyone,even for that stupid coward who goes to the shops and buy corn and maize and meat.